Each edition, the Summer School hosts different speakers that debate an ongoing issue of EU Criminal Law. The conference is a chance for students to meet outstanding practicioners and academics that daily work in the field.

This year, the Conference will focus the new challenges for EU cooperation in the field of E-evidence (to be determined)

During the 2016 edition, two side events were held at the margin of the Summer School.

  • The first concerned the topic of mutual trust and was inspired by the recent ECJ judgement in the joined cases Aranyosi and Caldararu.
  • The second was instead a joined event together with the Odysseus Network on the consequences of Brexit. Programme and pictures are available on the ECLAN website.

In 2015, given the importance of the recent events, the Summer School proposed a conference on the issue of foreign fighters: “Foreign fighters – a criminal law revolution?” (for further détails, please visit the the ECLAN website)





You may see below some pictures of the conferences held during the past editions.

2014-07-01 20.09.20

2014-07-01 20.08.54

2014-07-01 20.09.47